You can find us at...
 + Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley, WA
 + Perth Children’s Hospital, WA
​ + Townsville Hospital, Douglas, QLD



Welcome to Supernatural. We’re the crew you can rely on for fresh, healthy food with seasonal ingredients. We’re fast without compromise and our food is delicious without scrimping on goodness.

Simply put, we are very serious about making your taste buds happy through our food. We painstakingly serve the stuff that we and our customers delight in and will still get you to class on time.

Our food is a delicious combination of freshly made, quality produce that has been locally and ethically sourced wherever possible. We are particularly proud to be working with so many small, local, artisan food producers who are behind much of what we sell in our store. From local bee keepers and meat curers to cheese makers, there is just so much energy and passion going into the making of some first-class ingredients.

The Mediterranean influence is strong in our cooking. The cupboard is wide, the menu ever-changing and the experiments ever-underway. We continue on with both a boundless enthusiasm and an unswerving dedication to detail.

The result is Supernatural.



Contemporary, chef designed meals with convenience. A healthy menu that also caters to vegan and special dietary requirements.

We roast our coffee beans ourselves in small batches to ensure every cup is delicious! And we offer a wide range of milks to suit all dietary needs.

Our packaging has been carefully selected to ensure it is eco-friendly, in keeping with our company values. Our clear bioplastic containers are made from plants, not oil!




  • RASV Australian International Coffee Awards - Cappuccino, Milk - Supernatural - Gold

  • RASV Australian International Coffee Awards - Pour Over, Single Origin - Supernatural - Silver


  • Golden Bean Award - Franchise / Chain Filter - Silver

  • Golden Bean Award - Franchise / Chain Milk - Bronze

  • Golden Bean Award - Franchise / Chain Espresso - Bronze


  • Golden Bean Award, Over All Large Franchise/Chain Champion



  • Monash University Green Award. This award is given to the food outlet which demonstrates best practice in sustainable operations - Supernatural

  • ​RASV Australian International Coffee Awards - Espresso Blend - Silver